Welcome to JJ the Wedding Planner!

Once upon a time, my cousin asked me to help her on her wedding day. Originally, she just needed some basic organizing and help keeping on time the day of. Because I loved her and looked up to her personally, I wanted to do my best work. Which is what led me to and where I fell in love with the world of Pinterest (I mean, have you ever BEEN on that thing?! Anywho..) I ended up creating a timeline for that day, helping with the church rehearsal, and creating a program! Throughout the evening and into the night, I saw how relaxed they looked, how seamlessly the evening went, and I knew that with my help, they were truly able to enjoy their special day. I fell in love with that feeling! I think you can say I was hooked!

Flash forward seven years, I have now been involved in dozens of weddings for family, friends, referrals, and complete strangers! Originally only a labor of love, I finally decided to open up as a business! Why not be able to fully dedicate my time and focus on something I truly love? I want to make sure you are fully taken care of in the (usually high-stress) planning process, as well as the most important day of your life! The day where you get to marry your life partner… and I believe that’s all you should be focused on!

After working in the theater industry for almost 10 years as a stage manager, my exceptional work ethic and perfectionist nature have lead me here. It has further ignited my passion for planning and organization. I am now using my professional experience of planning and managing large groups of people to help couples like you have one of the most beautiful and memorable days of your life! As your wedding planner, my goal is to surpass all expectations by creating an easy planning experience and a graceful day of amazing memories, fun, and of course, love.

Making Your Dream Wedding Come True...

When it comes to events as huge as a wedding, I'm pretty sure that it’s the look on your guests’ faces, taste of the food, laughter, and feels of the celebration that you want to remember, NOT the detailed list of vendors, spreadsheets of your budget, and the timeline that led you to the event. This is where I come in.

My personal goal is to make your dream wedding come true without you lifting a finger. With more than 10 years of experience in large event planning, I have what it takes to create events that go seamlessly and make YOU truly happy!

So, if you’re tying the knot anywhere in Southern California, I've got you covered! Call me now and I’ll give you a quote for my services. So excited to meet you and hear about your plans for your big day!